Imagine having a comprehensive new design plan revealing little-known design strategies developed to promote your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

With God’s design basics as set forth in Scripture, Designing for the King introduces an interior design strategy for your heart and home, taking you step by step through this holistic process that will walk you through the blueprint to a peaceful life at home, a devoted married life, strong family relations, and develop a deeper friendship with God. Let this inspirational resource show you how to incorporate your faith into the elements of home design offering you solutions and encouraging ideas. This thought-provoking, captivating masterpiece reveals how to remodel your lifestyle in order to make your living space peaceful, stress-free and reflective of the glory of God giving you peace of mind.

Our Mission

Educating, elevating, and encouraging you to a “God-First” attitude¬†so¬†family relations and life principles aren’t violated through habit, ignorance, or disobedience.

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