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Dr. Deana Murphy –  America’s 1st Interior LifeDesign Doctor

“My personal mission is to elevate, educate and motivate people to lead a happy life.”

Are you bringing design solutions to every area of your life? Is your mind always cluttered with a litany of things to do? Does your family seem to always be at odds with one another? If so, Life Design Expert, Deana Murphy can encourage and guide you as she disseminate her life giving messages through speaking, coaching, and writing. She’ll do this by utilizing strategies and solutions to put your life, home living, and family relations on track and keep it there.

Deana Murphy

Deana Murphy is unique among design experts as the woman who’s been responsible for creating The Kingdom Blueprint™ for home design. Today, Deana is a flourishing lifestyle whiz taking her signature program The S.Y.S.T.E.M.™ and her most recent program, Designology™ to help people take on their accountability and responsibility for a ‘God First’ attitude in home living. Founder and Dean of The Freedom Campus, she helps people break-free of self-imposed boundaries to design their best life. Whether she’s broadcasting on her internet radio shows Designing for the King with Deana Murphy and Designing Your Best Life Radio, or reaching out through her Sharing My Passion inspirational blog, or writing to thousands through her monthly international distributed  Successful Living Report, or speaking to a live audience, Deana’s knowledge of her subject is thorough and her expression is passionate.

Deana is blessed to see her work showcased internationally through television and printed media such as HGTV, Fine Living, O Magazine, Spectacular Homes and Meredith Books. Unlike other life design experts who merely conjure up fixed ideas and techniques, Deana actually produces authentic, custom solutions fashioned for every client and provides them with the tools to apply them in an easy to implement way.

Among many things that she does, Deana is a passionate woman of faith driven by her convictions; a devoted wife to her husband; a dedicated mother to her children; a loyal follower of Christ, and has tapped into an undeniable force in the space/form relations in environmental design and, more importantly, the depiction of the change she envisions for the Christian family lifestyle and home living. Her desire and love of helping people take their lives from chaos to order is sure to become her hallmark.

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