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Table of Contents

Foreword 15
An Introduction by Jack Travis, FAIA 17
An Introduction by Kathryn D. Leary 20
An Introduction by Cecil Hayes 23
Introduction: The Bounds of Our Habitations 25
Overview 35
Part one: Peaceful Habitations
Chapter One: The Successful Blueprint 41
Chapter Two: The Creation of Design 57
Chapter Three: Kingdom Designing: Avoiding Chaos 73
Chapter Four: Kingdom Designing: Flexibility in Agreement 87
Part Two: Quiet Resting Places
Chapter Five: Living Chronicles 103
Chapter Six: Elements: Blending Geometry with Function 123
Chapter Seven: Elements: Color & Light—The Power Twins 145
Chapter Eight: Making Rooms Everyday to Extraordinary 165
Photo collection: Color section 185
Part Three: Secure Dwellings
Chapter Nine: Destination Design: Worship (Preface) 221
Chapter Ten: Destination Design: Worship (Uncensored) 235
Chapter Eleven: Destination Design: Worship (Et Cetera) 251
Chapter Twelve: From Chaos to Order: Solutions for Everyone 269
Epilogue: Heart to Heart: The Motivation 283
Afterword 289
Notes 291
Appendix one 301
Appendix two 303
Appendix three 305
Glossary 309
Picture and Photography Credits 321