The Book

Deana Murphy

Are you at odds with your family?
Are you living in a tensed environment?
Is your home life chaotic and dysfunctional?
Does your home design work for how you live?

Are you seeking peace and joy at home and in your life?The solutions for these questions are already within you, and I can show you how to activate them!

I am Dr. Deana Murphy, and if any of these questions speak to your heart, then Designing for the King is your power-packed resource guide! I want you to know that interior design for your home begins with the interior design of your heart. There is an appropriate process to faith-based interior design and I’ve discovered the solution.

In Designing for the King:

  • I show you how to design with purpose and develop your home brand
  • My S.Y.S.T.E.M helps you Shape Your Spirit To Eliminate the Mess
  • I reveal how to design your spiritual and earthly home God’s way
  • I outline twelve attitudes for successfully designing within
  • I show you how your heart is parallel to how you live
  • I share how to integrate your faith into the home design
  • I convey how to engage order with family and enjoy the very fragrance of life
  • I help you design your home, please the Lord and welcome his presence everyday and in every way.

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